C.W.P. class is $50.00 per person. Female Instructor

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One on One Pistol Instruction


I work one on one with you until you are proficient and comfortable. You will learn how to handle a firearm safely, load the firearm, handle problems, reload, proper grip, breathing techniques, finger placement, aiming and firing. 

Our Range or Yours


I can travel to your location, within Hernando County on an appointment basis. As long as your property has a legal range and you are zoned properly. 

I will go over all the same items as we do at my range.

I Love what I do and I love to pass my knowledge on to others.

One on One Rifle Instruction


Here we start with basic rifle safety and then move on to the fundamentals of shooting a rifle. Proper Handling, Safety, Loading, Breathing, Finger Placement and then onto the mechanics and Problem Solving

One on One Shotgun Training


Do you own a shotgun? Or do you want to own a shotgun for home defense? Have you ever fired a shotgun?
If not, let me help you. I will teach you how to properly handle a shotgun, safely load a shotgun, the mechanics of shooting a shotgun and problem solving. 


Basic Pistol  $85.00 per person

Basic Pistol  $95.00 per person your location

Basic Rifle  $85.00 per person

Basic Rifle  $95.00 per person your location

Basic Shotgun  $85.00 per person

Basic Shotgun  $95.00 per person your location

All Basic Classes run roughly run 3 - 4 hours