C.W.P. class is $50.00 per person. Female Instructor

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Female N.R.A. Certified instructor


About Us

Dedicated Female Instructor


I am an N.R.A. certified instructor and have been for more then 18 months. I have taught over 150 students and am proficient at what I do. I DO NOT claim to be the best instructor, but I am confident in what I do and you will walk away with confidence and knowledge.

High-Quality Equipment


I have several firearms for you to choose from. And if you want to bring your own, that's fine. I will still allow you to shoot one ours just to see how you like it

Our Motto


I deal with smaller classes so that you have my full attention and we can answer any and all questions that you might have. 

Quality over Quantity 



Concealed Carry Certification

I will go over gun safety, Do's and Dont's, Where you can Carry, Where you Can't carry, different types of carry. I will go over lesser weapons and non lethal options as well. I will go over different scenarios in the class. I will go over gun cleaning and I will go over everything you will need to know and how to file for your C.W.P. license at the Tax Collector's office or Mail in.

I am not an Attorney and will not tell you what laws are. That should not be done in any course.


One Stop Shop

When we are done with our classroom portion their will be an intermission for people to use the restroom and get food or beverages on premises.

We then head out to our Private Range, on the property, and do live fire exercise.

We will train you to handle and fire a firearm before we begin

YES, you do shoot a real gun with us and we provide one for you. You will shoot at a target provided and you will shoot more than one time.


Your Gear

I provide everything you will need. Guns (IF you do not have one), ammo, hearing and eye protection. The hearing and eye protection is yours to keep when done with the class. This way you already have a start on proper gear for when you go to the range Gun Safety and Advanced Training in Spring Hill

Law Enforemcent HB 218


For those wanting an HB 218 Certification

This Certification is only available to LEO who retired from their department in good standing. Proof of such shall be required.


If you would like to scedule an appointment for this please do so through our email system or call us directly Wed - Sun.

We supply material and targets

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Class is $50.00 per person and that even includes the range fees.

Lock Load Conceal, L.L.C.

17375 Spring Hill Drive, Spring Hill, Florida 34604, United States

(352) 540-1961 or (352) 835-2118




By appointment only



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